Food Processing

Intended for food processing companies that source crops from farmers and are faced with many difficulties regarding the quantity and quality of the contracted product.

Managing a network of farmers is challenging work. Food sourcing companies are often faced with an information black hole from the moment of crop planting till the date of delivery. This creates challenges with planning quantity and the expected quality of produce. In case of lower than expected quantity at the date of delivery, companies need to find alternative ways of compensating for the lack of produce. This often generates additional, unnecessary cost. Our farm management software helps with solving many of the said challenges.

Key Benefits

Change the way you interact with the farmers in your network by utilizing farm management software:

  • Farmers use the software
  • You define the production standards and best practices
  • Farmers comply with the guidelines and you control the data
  • Simplify your reporting and avoid double data entry
  • Control production plan execution with real-time insight into field operations
  • Ensure full production traceability from seed to harves